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360-Degree and Surveys: WebResponse

WebResponse is an optional module that lets you use the 20/20 Insight GOLD system to create web-based assessments and post them on your intranet or on the web.

Why you'll want to use this technology

  • Makes it easy to get feedback from customers and employees

  • Saves time in distributing and collecting assessments

  • Automatically includes the URL when you send email notifications to respondents

  • Works with most browsers

WebResponse Hosting Service is provided by Performance Support Systems, Inc. (PSS) and connects 20/20 Insight GOLD to the WebResponse software on our server. This option is the simplest way to perform web assessments; owning a web server and having a web server administrator are not necessary. The 20/20 administrator connects to the PSS server using any type of Internet connection; respondents can access their assessments from anywhere, day or night, using their Internet connection.

The ratings and comments provided through our Hosting Service are safeguarded with the highest level of security available, SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL is an Internet protocol that allows sensitive information to be transmitted securely over the web. It’s the same security technology commonly used for entering credit card information and other sensitive data. Secure pages are accessed using the "https" protocol instead of "http." SSL is indicated by a padlock symbol, which appears in the lower-right corner of your browser.

Benefits of Webhosting Service

• Simple to use.
The administrator posts projects right from their 20/20® Insight GOLD administration software

• Guaranteed confidentiality.
Since the web server is located offsite, assessment data is confidential. Login is required when using WebHost.

• Easy access.
Raters can fill out an assessment from anywhere they have an Internet connection. Also, the Administrator can upload and download assessments from anywhere since they are using the service on the Internet.

• Cross platform accessibility.
Mac and PC users alike can access the web assessments.

• Daily backups.
The web server is backed up on a daily basis, eliminating the possibility of project data being lost.

• No software to install.
Administrators can access their account using a standard web-browser.

• No software or server to maintain.
When using the WebResponse Hosting service, both the software and server are maintained by PSS.

• Cost effective.
Internal technical personnel don't have to install and maintain another software program, and they don't have to worry about server capacity, backup of data, etc. This saves your organization money by eliminating the cost of additional man-hours and/or equipment costs.

• Real-time 20/20® Insight GOLD updates.
Updates to the WebResponse Hosting software are made on the spot. We install the update without having to notify all users to update their program.

• Real-time trouble-shooting.
If you run into problems using this service, PSS staff can work with you quickly to provide a solution (NOTE: This holds true for purchasers of WebResponse internal. Difference would be we can trouble shot on the spot without having to email files back and forth).

Features for Administrators

• Control Settings.
You can control the appearance and availability of the respondent site.

• Test Site.
Test the respondent site as a respondent according to the current settings that have been setup within your 20/20® Insight GOLD program.

• Notify Respondents.
You can notify respondents directly from the site. This saves the step of notifying respondents within the 20/20 program. This feature is ideal for administrators who use an email program that is not MAPI compatible.

• Respondent Progress.
View a list of all web respondents in the project, track their progress and re-notify respondents of their assessment.

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