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The Profiles Performance Indicator™

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The Profiles Performance Indicator is used to evaluate the differences between employees and how to use this knowledge to increase employee productivity. It measures behavioral tendencies in these five critical job related competencies:

  • Productivity

  • Quality of Work

  • Initiative

  • Teamwork

  • Problem Solving

Improves Job Performance
The Profiles Performance Indicator also provides recommendations for improving employee performance such as how to respond to job-related stress, frustration and Conflict, how to stimulate employee motivation, and whether the employee is internally motivated or will need external stimulation.

Reports for the Employee and Supervisor
The Profiles Performance Indicator has a short administration time, just 15 minutes, and produces reports for the employee and for the employee’s manager. The individual report provides a guide to self-improvement while the Management Report provides a guide to better management, coaching, and motivation.

Use it Anywhere
The Profiles Performance Indicator can be administered wherever a computer is connected to the Internet, on a stand-alone computer, or using a pencil and a booklet. A computer does the scoring and generates the reports.

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