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360-Degree and Surveys

20/20 Insight GOLD Product family

20/20 Insight GOLD
is the world’s first fully integrated family of feedback and individual development planning software, making it the complete feedback solution!

Administration Software
Set up projects quickly and easily with this program, the heart of the 20/20 Insight GOLD system. You can manage multiple projects simultaneously and aggregate report data from as many projects as desired. The Survey Library contains more than 1,000 survey items in over 140 categories. Use them “as is” or customize them to fit the requirements of your organization. You can also add your own surveys to the library.

Respondent Software
Gather feedback from respondents using any combination of these five media: local area network, Internet/interoffice email, diskettes, paper or web (requires the purchase of WebResponse).

WebResponse is an optional module that lets you post assessments for 20/20 Insight GOLD projects on a web server.

Individual Development Planning (IDP)
You can give individual development planning software to everyone in your organization to analyze feedback, create a plan and track progress - at no extra charge!

The 360 Smart Kit
This CD-ROM contains valuable resources for asking the right questions up-front and implementing successful feedback projects.

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